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Can your sustainability project benefit from 5’s support?

Can your sustainability project benefit from 5’s support?



5 is an impact media foundation that connects thinkers and doers to co-create a more sustainable future.

As part of this, we support exciting projects in the area of sustainability that are being imagined, developed and led by the communities we connect with. We identify projects that we want to elevate with our storytelling, and support either financially or in other ways, in order to accelerate the positive change they’re making.

Depending on the project, this might include coverage on and through our social media channels, cooperation on other communication activities, connecting with skills and resources from our community, donation matching or financial support.

We are always looking for new projects and initiatives that align with our values and our focus on the environment and conscious capitalism.

We target initiatives that offer a meaningful solution and can demonstrate their impact and potential to scale and inspire others. These can be social enterprises, charitable initiatives, community projects, foundations and businesses that have a positive impact in general. We are not able to support early-stage initiatives that cannot yet provide evidence of their impact or viability.

If you think your project is a good fit for 5, and you would like to collaborate with us, please pitch your project to us. Your pitch can take any form you like – text, video, audio… it’s up to you. It needs to cover these points:

  • What you do, and why
    The project and its purpose
  • Who you are
    The team behind the project and any other key supporters
  • The impact you’re making
    Evidence of concrete impact and potential for the future
  • How it works and how it’s funded
    Your day-to-day activities, your product, your business model or your funding sources

Pitches are evaluated 4 times a year. Please send your pitch to by March 31st 2021, to be considered for our next review.

We would also like to invite you to join our new Facebook Group for Sustainability Changemakers  – a group for thinkers and doers like yourself to co-create a more sustainable future. Join us here.

We’re excited about hearing from you!