Meet the 5 team

A little about who we are, what we all do, and how to reach us.

Executive director

Mie Dahlquist Read more +

Mie leads 5 on its mission to engage people in creating a better future. She’s responsible for developing and implementing 5’s strategy, and overseeing all operations.

Based in Copenhagen, Mie has spent most of her career in brand marketing and digital development roles at Danish media organisations. In the last few years she has also worked for two different fintech startups.

She’s passionate about empowering a community to create change, and seeing talent develop.

But don’t ask her to sing – she is, by her own admission, completely tone deaf.

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VP, Business Development - US

David De Vere Read more +

David is bringing 5 Media to the United States.

Before joining 5 he worked for 25 years in training and certification at some of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, most recently Amazon Web Services.

For David, joining 5 is a new challenge and a voyage of discovery.

Based in California, he loves reading, travelling and spending time with family. He’s also obsessed with ’80s music and can name pretty much any song from the era – especially the one-hit wonders.

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Chief financial officer

Anne Dorthe Hermansen Read more +

Anne Dorthe is responsible for finance and other operational matters at 5. Based in Copenhagen, she has experience working in startups, government ministries and as a business angel.

She is passionate about startups, friends and cold water swimming, and she tries to live by Pippi Longstocking’s mantra: “I’ve never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

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Joint Editor

Anne-Marie Hoeve Read more +

Anne-Marie is 5’s joint editor based in Amsterdam, working with the team to devise, create and curate compelling content.

She has extensive experience as a writer and editor, including many years as a freelancer. She has always been passionate about the power of stories.

Among other achievements, Anne-Marie once won a hitchhiking race by such a big margin that she got to the end before the organisers.

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Visual director

Marta Julia Johansen Read more +

Marta makes sure all 5’s great content has big visual impact.

Based in Copenhagen, she has worked as a graphic designer in the theatre and fashion industry, and most recently for a sustainable vanilla company.

Marta is determined to drive change and inclusivity, and fight for intersectional values in everything she does.

She’s a team player who can be stubborn when she needs to be – ideal for a visual director.

Marta is passionate about family, friends, music, and great food and wine. 

She once ran a half marathon in 35-degree heat in Bethlehem, Palestine (which is in the mountains). And she forgot to wear a cap. Let’s just say she didn’t freeze. 

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Business Development Director - US

David Lambert Read more +

David fosters strategic partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises that operate in the areas 5 focuses on.

Based in California, David brings an in-depth knowledge of environmental issues, having graduated with a BA in environmental studies. He also has a Masters in nutrition and worked as a personal trainer for 13 years.

David is passionate about creating deep and sustainable impact, and he loves working with people and building relationships.

In his spare time, he races a four wheeler.

Joint Editor

Robert Langkjær-Bain Read more +

Robert is 5’s joint editor based in Copenhagen, working with the team to produce a constant stream of fresh, exciting content for 5.

He previously worked as a writer and editor for various UK publications, and spent several years as a freelancer.

He loves trying to understand opposing viewpoints to spot what people can learn from each other.

Robert listens to a lot of music, drinks a lot of tea, and sings in a choir.

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Partnerships Manager

Sofia Redford Read more +

Sofia looks after 5’s partnerships with social businesses and other initiatives we support. She builds and manages relationships, and is always on the lookout for new partners.

Before joining 5 Sofia has worked on partnerships for a global health research organisation, and a social enterprise based in Colombia. She also spent a year working at a healthy snack food startup.

Based in the Netherlands, Sofia is passionate about making the world a better place, and about bringing people together to achieve more. She loves learning local sayings and idioms, and doodles a lot.

Watch Sofia’s ‘Meet The Team’ video

Graphic and web designer

Rutger Roland Read more +

Rutger works on graphic and web design for 5’s content platform, newsletter and social media activity. He sees himself as the team’s vliegende keep (that’s a rush goalie to English speakers) who does what is needed to get the job done.

Rutger previously worked as an independent graphic and web designer. He’s based near Amsterdam and loves cooking, wine, travel, board games and cheese.