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The power of many

As we observe the world we live in, we are all confronted with a choice: leave it as it is, or come together to create a better, more inclusive society that values change, compassion and curiosity?

At 5, we want to build a more sustainable future by connecting thinkers and doers – those of us with the great ideas and those of us who have the skills to make them happen. Together, we accelerate solutions and build powerful stories of change.

5 is an impact media foundation supporting initiatives with storytelling, resources and funding in order to co-create a sustainable future.

5 Manifesto

Today, every day, I am both light and dark, hope and despair. Balancing on the knife’s edge between the two, I have a stark choice: to be reduced by my fear, confronting the vast challenges of the planet and my own future with denial and aggression, defending my own rights as I stumble isolated in the dark; or choose to confront these uncertainties with courage and compassion, confident that my attitude and actions shape the nature of the reality that surrounds me. Choosing the latter, I shine a light for my family, friends, colleagues, working in solidarity to create solutions.

Who am I? I am 5, the voice of all who believe, that together we have the power and the responsibility to change the scene, to imagine and create a positive shared reality. My voice is  heard through inspiring stories, podcasts, photos and videos. These remind me I am not alone – many others through their compassion, generosity, and genuine love for one another are shining in the darkness; just as fireflies on a dark night enchant me and capture  my imagination, so these lights infuse me with courage and hope to face the future with renewed determination.

Each of us as leaders of families, friends and communities daily choose a brighter path forward, realizing our safety is strengthened through unity, our energy and creativity fueled by collective curiosity. We are confident that our progress, our very survival is dependent upon listening to diverse, global voices  from different ages, cultures, perspectives and experiences. We are reassured by the truth of what anthropologist Margaret Mead once famously stated Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Let’s create a movement, intensify this light, listen to one another, share and celebrate our humanity, our diversity and our timeless values. Balancing always between optimism and reality, chaos and order, despair and hope, acknowledging our humanity, we unite in determination to change the scene and create a new reality. 

We are 5


Live generously Be courageous Stay curious Lead lovingly Value change